Exodus: Journey To Freedom

I have had several people mention to me that the name of our church (Exodus Baptist Church) is a strange name for a church. I even thought so for a time, to be honest. Then God showed me something that changed my mind and the way I look at the ministry of our church. 

Exodus literally means departure, but in context, and related to the ministries of a Bible believing, preaching, teaching church, it means so much more. You see, the Exodus of Israel from Egypt was a type, or picture,  of  Israel’s departure from bondage, sin, and reproach, and began a journey to freedom, holiness, and favor. 

The book of Exodus is not just about the departure, though. It tells the story of the journey. Every Christian has a story about how Jesus rescued them from bondage to sin, forgave them and makes them holy, and placed them in a position of God’s favor, elect and beloved. 

The more I study, the more I realize that Exodus is a journey of growth and learning. God used every experience, trial, failure, and victory to cause growth in His people. 

That is why, at Exodus Baptist Church, we have a vision to be a place of escape from bondage to our members and the community around us. We believe that Jesus has come to break the bonds of sin, legalism, and traditionalism, and offers true freedom. We are on a journey. Along the way, we learn lessons, we grow. We allow ourselves to be led of the Holy Spirit, and we do our best to faithfully follow Christ in all things. 

We love God. We love people. We teach the Bible. We practice Biblical church government. We encourage holy living and separation from worldliness and sinful practices. We encourage Christian living, Christian service, and participation in ministries, especially the spreading of the Gospel to the lost. 

We offer something different because we have no formula, just a Bible, lots of prayer, and hearts willing to follow Jesus wherever He may lead us, even though the way may seem impossible at times. We know that where He leads, He will provide and protect. 

If you are searching for a place where you can grow, a place where you can get involved and make an impact, a place where your gifts and talents are valued, regardless of your past; then let us invite you to join us for services. Who knows, maybe that could be the beginning of your journey to freedom, your Exodus. 

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