A Letter To Me

By Cassie Christian

A Letter To Me

letterI often find myself reflecting back to my early Christian years, recapping every detail and like most women, I tend to overanalyze every situation. I think about the who, what, when, where, but mainly the WHY. WHY did I make that decision? WHY didn’t that work like I planned? WHY did that cause me so much pain? WHY did I have to bear that burden. Through the years, as I have matured in Christ, and slowly those WHYs are being transformed into more HOW’s. HOW would God expect me to handle this situation? How will God work this out for me? HOW does God plan to use this load that I bear to make me a stronger Woman of faith?

While I certainly believe that Christianity is instantaneous the moment you see yourself as a sinner and experience true repentance, becoming Christ-like is a process. There is nothing instant about a growing faith, or understanding grace or even seeing yourself as Jesus does. All of these require time and Christian growth. You wouldn’t expect a newborn baby to understand complexity of the human life, so why would you expect a newly born Child of God to understand the Christian life in it’s entirety.

So that brings me to my question. If I could go back in time and write a letter to the newly saved me, what would I say…..

Dear Cassandra,

First let me start by saying how proud I am of you and your decision to follow Jesus. This will be a moment in time that you will cherish forever so just relax and take it all in. That feeling you had when you first stood up from the altar, that feeling that you had been freed from chains; you will NEVER forget that. Tonight when you lay down to sleep, you will still feel jittery inside from the excitement that is overflowing inside of you. You will sleep better tonight then you ever have! As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, you will start planning about who you will tell first and what you will say.

Some of your friends will rejoice with you, and some of them will just look at you like they couldn’t care less, but don’t fret. Eventually they will begin to see that there has been a change, and they will desire it as well. You will have an impact on them, even if you never see it for yourself.

Now, as time goes by you will experience times of doubt and frustration. You will fall. There will be several falls actually and at some point, you will not feel like getting back up. You will allow the Devil to persuade your actions, your thoughts and your words. You must not forget that you are human, you are not perfect. When you fall, you will not be any less saved then you are right now. I know it sounds wild but God will still love you and he will be there to pick you up when you come to your senses. This is an example of something we call “grace”.

Now this Grace is something special and should not be abused or used as an excuse for sin. Hear my warning when I say to you, if you use grace as an excuse for sin, you will certainly be chastised. If you take heed to nothing else in this letter, take heed to that as it will save you from a load of heartache.

Okay so now that we have covered that, let me tell you about faith. For you, faith will be the hardest thing to wrap your mind around. As we know, until now you have lived life in a very physically factual sense. Now, you will be expected to believe in things that you cannot see. You will came face to face with miracles that have no explanation. You will have to trust that tough situations will work out, even when you have no factual evidence to back up that trust. You will be expected to take paths that the former you would have never taken. There will be times when you fail at this. You will experience hardships and you will spend a great deal of time worrying, and you will be amazed when everything falls perfectly into place. Save yourself a lot of time and trust me, it will always work out for the good.

One last thing before I go, oh how I pray that you grasp this. As of this moment, when God looks at you, he sees you as sinless. All of those things you regret from your past, you can let them go. All of them! They no longer define who you are as they no longer exist. And that fear of rejection, leave it behind. You have been accepted by the most high, the One True God. Take the time to recognize your worth and when you struggle with this, read Matthew 6:26. In closing, Cassandra, you are free….free indeed!! Love, Me What would your letter say?

Scriptures to ponder: John 8:36 Ephesians 2:8-9 Romans 10:17 Matthew 6:26

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